Premiered February 2, 2015 | Season 2 weekdays at 5.30

Taking a light-hearted peek into the world of goods on the move, Shipping Wars UK is a reality-based entertainment format. It features a diverse group of transporters as they crisscross Britain and beyond, picking up and dropping off the most gob-smacking and sometimes seemingly un-shippable loads.

 With a seemingly unending supply of weird and wonderful items to transport across hundreds of miles, the series  reveals an eclectic mix of consumers who are keen to ship an extensive range of goods from 300,000 live bees to giant sculptures to priceless racing cars.

Each week sees the Shipping Wars UK transporters go head to head, bidding on four extraordinary loads. At best they can make big money fast, but if they blow a job their fortunes can change in a flash. It’s not just about the cash – both profit margins and customer satisfaction count in nominating each week’s Shipping Wars UK ‘Transporter of the Week’.